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I love this website. When I need a Trey fix, its nothing like getting it from his actual website. I love that I am now a member of the website. I see there is an opportunity for fans like myself to post pics but the option to complete the request is not allowed. I may be not working right now but I thought I would share that with this comment so that it could get fixed.
Thanks Trey Songz team for all you do to make him a success!


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On: Apr 28, 2011
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I like to go by Ray'L. Right now I'm in school so I live in the country close to Prairie View A&M University which is the school I attend, studying for my nursing degree so that will tell you I will soon have a degree to support me financially. I'm 23 years of age with brown eyes and brown shoulder length hair, 5' 9 and I weigh 145lbs. I'm really tall to the everyday world and someone is always asking me do I model. I want the world to see what God has created which is a great, fun-filled positive, tall, slim, hard working, determined, strong woman that wont give up on what I believe is my achievement for my lifetime.
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