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Real Rnb forever


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Thank you for that, I was a little scared putting it out there like that, but I felt had to, thanks for the positive response. God bless you as well.

On: Mar 11, 2013

Lord these lyrics, Love them. ALL OF THEM!!!

On: Jan 29, 2013

no offence but I 'm not feelin the song, video, or location, but i still love you trey!

On: Jan 29, 2013

Has anyone ever managed to meet Mr. songz without VIP passes. Like you got lucky after a concert or at a club etc.? Even if I had the money, knowing me, I would end up giving it to a shelter or the homeless guy i pass on my way home from work :- ) , but meeting him is def on my top ten list, he is truly amazing.

On: Feb 13, 2012

So the count down begins, to your performance in oakland. I am so excited, I have a feeling its gonna be a magical, amazing night. I feel really blessed to be able to see you sing live. When I told my friend I was going to see you perform, she looked really sad, and said I wish I could too, I know exactly how she felt, I've wanted to see you for years, but my little girl comes first, we are both young single moms and work really hard and go to school, so I used the money I saved, and purchased two balcony seats instead of the ones I intended to purchase. It felt really good to see her about to cry when I told her, it was soooo worth it, every girl should get to see you perform live, your our dream man, lol , so now we are counting down the days, and honestly I'm more excited now than I was with better seats!

On: Feb 13, 2012
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Determined to thank you in person one day......
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I dont want people following me everywhere who has time for that. lmao