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On: Aug 25, 2010
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I Love Tremaine Neverson :) I've been supporting him since 2005, & he's still going strong. I love his music and his presence on stage is just AMAZINGGG He is such a fantastic artist and I love how genuine and kind he comes across. Whenever I'm down, I know i can listen to his songs either 'Missing You' 'Already Taken' 'Can't Be Friends' etc and feel like every thing is okay because i'm not alone :) I know all my friends are probably sick and tired of me playing his songs or singing his lyrics 24/7 but I don't care I'll always support him. His songs hold so much emotion, I may be a girl but I still feel like I can relate to them. Thank you Trey for having such a positive impact on my life. xo Treys' Angel
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