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LLOyd is still close to Trey lets keep up the team work and vote vote vote we have intill 11:59pm 2nite to keep him in 1st place #TEAMSONGZ Trey really deserve this!!! he's my fav of them all!!!

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On: Sep 30, 2011

Trey Is in the lead that dont mean STOP! keep Voting because lloyd is still close VOTE VOTE VOTE one more day!!!

On: Sep 29, 2011

Trey Is in the lead but that dont mean stop because lloyd is still close Vote Vote Vote Vote!!! One more day!!! soooo VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

Replied To: VOTE VOTE PLZ!!!! ()
On: Sep 29, 2011

i think anything would be fine as long as you feel right doing it

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On: Sep 28, 2011's picture
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Tia J
About Me: 
Yup, Im now and forever will be a Trey's Angel. Im so happy to join and be apart of something and someone i luv! Im Katia and im from Chicago love to enjoy everything in my life. I cherish every moment that i have even when times are hard i manage to pull through. o yeah i have my ppp album how about you?? listen to it almost everyday and I LOVE IT!!! Been luvin TreySong since 2005 WOW its been a long time i admier trey so much as a person luv listening to his music. Haven't meet him yet but i know when i do it will be breath taking im such a big fan omg i just sooo luv him lol and my thrist for TREYSONGZ will never qunech LUVIN TREY 2 THE MAXXXXXXX!!!!!
hanging out with my girls, i love shopping, spending time with my family and most important just living life to the fullest because the next day is not promised to anyone and i never take things for granted!!
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Trey Songz
United States
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Yes, send me a tweet on my birthday (for Trey's Angels members only): 
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