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On: Feb 09, 2011
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Im from London. Im 18. And im in love wit Trey....x I go college and work part time..but thats the boring bit. Intresting thing is MUSIC IS MY LIFE. i currently sing and cant do nothing without listening to trey everyday. YUUUUUUP. You deserve the world, If I could give it Stars would come to you And ask permission to shine Cuz only you shine. I can’t let you go, I won’t let you leave One that I know is baby you were made for me, for sure My life is in your hands, I live to be your man We’re made to be together so baby No (no), don’t go (don’t go) Girl if you don’t know, I give my heart, I give my soul, for sure I’m right here on my knees, if you were to leave, I’d lose my everything...x
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