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I love how Trey is able to grow with his fans. I remember when he first came out I was in high school unsure of his lyrics and words (or any male for that matter lol) but in love with his voice and wondering if he was versatile enough to survive or just aother one hit wonder. Then I remember being in college going through a bad break up and Trey Day was able to comfort me and give me hope, Now Im a career woman; grown and on my own, and his Ready album is blowing me away. It makes u feel good, sexy and "ready" to go through your day with a high that no one can bring u down from :). The website is great, my only complaint was that the tour dates were not posted soon enough so I thought the closest concert was in SC. I drove 5 hours to see my baby but later found that he would be in ATL which is closer to where I live and which is now sold out. You did a great job in SC TREY!!!!!

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On: Jul 26, 2010
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Friendly girl living in a small town, in love with good music which is why I'm in love with Trey Songz :)
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