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I def. agree he needed to send Kells a wake up call. R. Kelly was the shit from 1993 to about 2003-4, and he stopped making good music, i'm a huge R. Kelly fan, and love his 90's stuff, 12 Play, R.,, etc. I think he def. hasn't been producing the same music he use to which is sad, so in a way it is good Trey made this song to wake R. up

Replied To: did everybody like how trey diss r kelly (Forum topic)
On: Aug 13, 2009

Sick!I am so excited, i know this will be the best R&B album for 2009 & 2010, isn't "Patron" on the new cd though :(....That song is the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

Replied To: READY SONGLIST (Forum topic)
On: Aug 11, 2009

damn this tough....
Fly Together

On: Aug 11, 2009

its def trey lol, u look at every look at her remix on youtube and it says ft trey songz

Replied To: Top 5 Trey Songz Callabos (Forum topic)
On: Aug 11, 2009

he was on that remix, he sings the verse at the start of the song

Replied To: Top 5 Trey Songz Callabos (Forum topic)
On: Aug 10, 2009
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My favorite activities are Bodybuilding, and sports, anything active. I live in Denver CO, i'm 19 years old, and in college. I love R&B and Hip Hop music, as well as House/Trance/Electro. My favorite artist is Trey Songz, I am a huge fan, and cannot wait for the new album to drop. I appreciate how far Trey goes to please us fans, and I am a HUGE supporter of him and his music. I hope Trey will do a concert in Denver soon, I can't wait!