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On: Mar 08, 2012

You go on there blog see what you would like to win and get angels to vote for you i want most loyal angel and i put it on twitter the blog and on here

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On: Mar 07, 2012
Replied To: Trey On Stage (Blog)
On: Mar 02, 2012

idk. thats hard i love trey and want to be with him forever, BUT i would have to already be share him with all his fans i am kinda hopin i can be his only wife or baby mama just so that i know how he feels about me and the role i play in his life. i don't think i could handle being his 2nd or 3rd wife but that dosen't mean i would cut him off

On: Dec 24, 2011

Any man i date knows how much i love trey, and would know how much this night would mean to me so i would do it in a heartbeat. inless we been married for like 18 years and had our kids then i would be like sorry trey i love you but im happily married and i can't make my husband upset like that

On: Dec 24, 2011
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