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Cuttigurl609...Im with you on your plan because when i thought of this one i couldnt even imagine what i would do or even to do first. but i know one thing my 11year old son wouldnt mind asking him all kinds of questions with his out spoken self. That would get the day started right their lol

On: Sep 23, 2011

I would like all the above. but if he did do any of those things i would be shocked but ill be soo happy to see him or talk to hime witch ever

On: Sep 22, 2011
Replied To: Can't Be Friends (Video)
On: Oct 04, 2010
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I love to go out some times, i braid hair, i have a 10 year old son,im just a laid back girl who like to takes pics and sing and dress up and shop.i have alot of confidence in my self so if no one like me for me then for get them they wasnt important any ways i have vitiligo but i let nothing stand in my way some people just have low self esteem but not this lady i make this skin disorder look good im not going to let this beat me or change who i am