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yupp birthday boy getting it ;]

On: Nov 06, 2012

so talented

Replied To: trey songz exclusive pt2 (Video)
On: Nov 06, 2012
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roz3 ang3l
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im roz3. shy but unique and like to be creative. i lov3 to sing write dance and learn new stuff everyday. im not really a sociable person but if get to know me, you'll alwayz see the best of me and i never let no 1 down. alwayz on point cause i like to make sure everyone around me gud then i'll be ok. i hate angry people cause it sets me off my positive attitude and my lioness will come out. im very caring blunt and loyal.i also have two sides. classy and wild. i could bring you to the jungle but i can bring u outta the jungle too. my favorite artist is trey songz, rihannah, fabulous, beyonce, nikki minaj, drake, christina millian and an underground mandosa[nmlb]. and thats it ;]
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