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*_~!...L0L :-)...!~_* ~YUUUPP*-* TRICKZ*-* IM*-* MZ.NEVERSON~ My name is Ruby. im a rapper in Punk Popular an new nd unsigned group. Im im a young tennager that wanna have fun. im responsible nd mature............. if im bored im funny =P if im sleepy im mean :( . Nd in between im me Luvh me cuz u gotta nd omg nd LOL SMILEY FACE iz meh new favorite song *_~!-TR3M@IN3 @LD0N N3V3RS0N-!~_* let me let all yall i been down wit trey since gotta make it diz VA chic dont play wen it cumz to meh man ima need all yall new chicz to bac da hell on up...iight SINCE we got dat straight L0L $M1L3Y F@C3 _______________________________________