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DAAAAYYYYMMMMMN kiwiland !! gotta wait till the end of the week till i can get my hands on CHAPTER V #beinginNZisGAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!

Replied To: CHAPTER V Worldwide! (Blog)
On: Aug 20, 2012

The reason why I'm Trey Songz biggest fan in NZ is because he has that KINDA LOVIN’ that everyone girl wants in a guy , the way that he sings in his songs he has that PASSION, PAIN and PLEASURE that we all go through. In his songz, he only gives ONE LOVE to his fan that listens to it. But if I win this competition , Trey Songz , we will be BOTTOMS UP during the interview , there will be some GOOD FEELINGS happening and maybe one day I could be your WONDER WOMEN , because every day, I think just GOTTA MAKE IT happen with winning this interview. But if I do win , will be the happiest girl who is TOP OF THE WORLD ! Therefore, this is the reason why I'm Trey Songz BIGGGGGEST fan , because with his songz I can use in every single day , because he has those kinds song that make you laugh , cry or wanna make babies too… Any who Trey Songz , NEW ZEALAND would loooooooooove to have you come SOON , and I would LOVE to have you here in NZ as well.. One Love, God Bless, Trey Songz #1 NZ fan SINDY xxx

On: Aug 18, 2012
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