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Omg made me so emotional- this video is touching! Trey Always does it well!

On: Mar 26, 2013

3D absssssss.......I saw nothing else of the movie ;) again only went for Trey, left straight after as I really dislike the disturbia of horror films :/ glad you ladies enjoyed it too xx

Replied To: TCM3D ()
On: Jan 11, 2013

I must have talked that up- got mine this morning and that would have been dead on one month but im also in the UK

On: Nov 03, 2012

mine still hasnt arrived and that was over a mth ago :/

On: Nov 02, 2012

Thank youuuuuu :D xxx

On: Sep 28, 2012
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Beauty without Virtue is like a Rose without Scent........... Well ok here goes...... I'm half Portuguese and half English, have two beautiful daughters who I love with all my heart and they are also dedication Treys Angels to the point that I have had to promise to bring both the 3 & 6 yr old along to the next tour!!!! I fall in love like a Disney Princess and still somehow believe in lifelong Soulmates....I'm just still trying to find mine. I don't stay sad or mad and have too many people try and 'do me over' for me to stress about each time it my daughter says "build a bridge and get over it mummy"'s good advice coz if u drop it, it can't stress u ;) I'm a beautician from the UK, I love good music, family and my friends x
I love live music, spending time with my family and having fun with friends. I have two daughters and they are my world, I love chilling with them or running around parks being silly. My family and children keep me smiling and I also love my job- its sad as I studied international business but now work as a beautician and I literally have loved the past 6 yrs, doing nails, tanning, make up etc.....ESP gossiping in the salon......
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Trey of course...... Do have a soft spot for Donell Jones, Brian McKnight, J Cole, and hate to say it but I still can't detach myself from the Backstreet Boys lol!
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