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happy belated bday 3/20 is my bday as well

On: Mar 22, 2012
On: Mar 15, 2012
On: Mar 14, 2012

We as Treys Angels sign up to have exclusive access to Angel Merchandice, but if any fan can go out and purchace Treys Angel merchandise (cheaper than what we pay online) and called themselves Angels, how exclusive are we? I dont mind Trey making his money honey but I think as real Trey's Angels we deserve a little more now that this line is hitting stores... S.N. i did realize that the logo is diffrent, i would like more items with our logo on them online, i dnt mind paying for it either, i just want to continue to feel specail. dont yall think we deserve it...

On: Mar 12, 2012

Aww im sorry you had to experience that. I'm shy as well, I'm from Miami and I traveled to ATL and received love from fellow Angels... Come on ladies lets get it together..(together we stand divided we fall)

On: Mar 12, 2012
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