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sounds like a good idea! where do u plan to have this conference. i think it should be in ATL or some other well known place that Trey goes to often

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On: Dec 25, 2010
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On: Dec 20, 2010
On: Dec 19, 2010
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On: Oct 21, 2010

i thank you all for your input. I totally agree with all of you! we arent in major cities and we are indeed overlooked. Out of all the tours he has done, this year was the FIRST time he has come to Alabama. He isnt the only one either, no one comes here! which is really sad. Yes, i do agree that he be in VA and ATL more than anything which isnt fair to his Angels that are in surrounding states. I just wish he knew how much we care for him!

On: Sep 27, 2010
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Hi!...Im a student at the University of Alabama! I absolutely looooooooooove Trey Songz but shhhhhh we gone keep that to ourselves lol. I am a cool gurl and im very nice!