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my name is samantha but i go by sammie or sammiej i love to singing ,thats my world thats my passion i have allways wanted to sing ever since i was 1 years old i have an amazing voice not to bragg or anything i can sing my heart out but the only thing i cant do is write a decent song to save my life i dont know why its like that it just is but i love to think back to all the old back in the day songs like swv or the fugees and micheal jackson and i just love to listen and sing there songs over and over again untill i get it right i am very pretty not to be all about myself im byracial i am black portorican and indian i am the same skin tone as trey songz of corce lol i have a lot of hair to the point were i look like a poodle so ive been told lol im thick i was never thick and im thryin to get toned for vollyball season im from chicago illinois cooksville on deck lol my birthday is on october 26 3more months imma be 14 yay ilyts ttly
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