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sapphire gem


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On: Dec 21, 2010

Thanks,lol, he is the bestest!!!!!

On: Jun 23, 2010
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sapphire gem
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I am a nice laid back person, i don't like to be loud or be apart of drama, I love to just laugh and chill. I love the simple things in life, if i can just relax and chill with my family and friends, i will be happy...As far as relationships go, i haven't had many, but it has been by my own choice.I turn down boyz that seem like they not gone be real with me.I Also dis like very childish and imature people...i like people to be them selves, but if "yourself", is naturally loud and obnoxious, i will not waste my time tyring to get to know you...I don't have an ego, i just have standards...i love respect, i give and receive respect always. If i want to get in a relatinship, i want it to be long term, don't crush, stomp, break, or smash my heart......
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