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On: Dec 24, 2010
On: Dec 22, 2010
On: May 01, 2010

Kings Row V.I.P Tickets - These tickets include the best seats & a private bar! .. Nothing else .. If you thought youd be meeting Trey, you thought wrong lol .. If i sit i always get Kings Row V.I.P .. They didnt do Meet & Greet tickets for Trey so unless you know someone working within the o2 / promters you have no hope .. Bad times .. I was gutted they didnt do it .. Ive met Marques Houston, Lloyd & Ginuwine @ the Indigo2 & meeting Dru Hill at the end of the month .. For those people that havent been able to get tickets .. TicketMaster save tickets for American Express card holders .. If these dont all get sold theyll go on sale to anyone so keep checking. If not try eBay or something .. Good Luck x

On: May 01, 2010

last Time & One Loveee : )

On: May 01, 2010
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