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It would be Both. First i would love to take a pic w/ him and then go with him for da night. But nothinq to serious i just wanna get to know him personally to see whats really behind the fame. Lol. (:

Replied To: What if... (Forum topic)
On: Aug 17, 2009

love da name (: && im Sarah. love ya picture and da shades!

Replied To: Heyy pple!! im new (Forum topic)
On: Aug 17, 2009

iight heres da deal. Who cares what them dudues say. They probably just hatin cuz trey got ALL the girls know what im sayin? lol. but there aint nuttin wronq with listenin to trey hes one of the best singers out there (my opinion) and your not the only guy who listens to trey many other guys do too! but as you already know the girls have more love for him. So dont worry its just music. Its not that badd! LOl.

On: Aug 17, 2009
On: Aug 14, 2009
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