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yea im pretty sure he gets all confusedd Lol. i know i would but i just do it for fun, we gotta support trey! lol but yea you right tho.

Replied To: I think its pretty Funny (Forum topic)
On: Jul 25, 2009

I didnt hear that?

Replied To: 106&PARK? (Forum topic)
On: Jul 25, 2009

purplebunny123 follow me! :)

Replied To: Twitter much? (Forum topic)
On: Jul 25, 2009

i mean, it dosent really matter but i like how everything is with him He is the best singer and i think thats enough for him! dont you think? and him dancing at the BET awards will be entertainig but like i said hes wonderful for what he does best which is sing and i think if he starts dancing then thats gonna add another layer of stress and etc..he's in his studio all day lets just give him the love and talent he has now which is sing!

Replied To: Trey's dancing debut at the BET awards.* (Forum topic)
On: Jul 25, 2009

hello! i love this site and i promise you'll love it as well

Replied To: hey hey im new =) (Forum topic)
On: Jul 25, 2009
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