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I just got done watching "My Moment" and I have not suggestions, I just wanted to say keep it up Trey! I am a huge fan and have been since day one, my sister and I have always made bets on who would make it big and my money was on Trey since day one. I'm glad to see he is such a huge success. Kepp doing ya thing Trey! :)

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On: Jul 13, 2010

Laugh! I tend to do that when I get nervous, scared or in pain. Then I would of course welcome him in and offer a class of wine, water or juice. Dont drink sodas, sorry Trey!

Replied To: Trey Songz Knocked on YOUR door..... (Forum topic)
On: Jul 08, 2010

No! I've dated someone who is in the public eye before and it just isn't the same. As already stated, women need time and attention and with those who travel so much, have women always throwing themselves at them and can get pretty much anything they want when ever they want it, the whole trust issue is really out of the window and you either accept all the BS or leave the life style. As for Trey, I have never met him in person nor had the opportunity to get to know what kind of person, not entertainer, he is. So, who knows, he may be one who really puts has all into a relationship. He seems like he would be a very sincere person. (or is it all part of the entertainment!?! : P )

On: Jul 08, 2010

I really like the humbleness that he has, even though he knows how much of a success he is right now, I have to say as a fan, I really haven't see much change about him. I have never met him personally, but from videos and pics you can really see sincerity in his eyes. In my opinion, a humble and sincere man is the most attractive kind of man you can find. ; )

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On: Jul 08, 2010
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