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I just joined on the 21 of June just for TREY! lol

Replied To: ANGELS NEEDED ()
On: Jul 01, 2011


Replied To: ANGELS NEEDED ()
On: Jul 01, 2011

Well considering I just became an Angel I'm excited to join the community. I love Trey he is just so cute,goofy,sexy,talented, and his actions show how big his heart is. If drama occurs, best believe I won't be in it. As far as other artists, I like them, sometimes there music is goo. BUT I LOVE TREY and his music is AWESOME!! nuff said :)

On: Jul 01, 2011

So how about if Trey backs a blood's not community service, but its one of the biggest ways I love to give back. I have O+ blood type and I know that that can benifit a lot of people...but regardless of what blood type you have donating is such an amazing thing to do. And not just donating blood; another thing to donate is plateletes these are less often donated and very necessary! Just run it past him and see what he thinks!

On: Jun 27, 2011

NJ but Im in Miami...anyone kno how many Angels there are??

On: Jun 26, 2011
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In FL but from NJ. Cool calm and collected until it comes to Trey! Loved Trey since the begging...n though I may not kno as much as some of the other fans, I am loyal to a fault. Love me my Trey cause no matter what mood Im in I can listen to one of his songs...he got one for every feeling! Im studying to be a prosecutor and have a three year old baby, my lil Man is my world!! N other than tellin u that God is my father thats all I gots to say...ask if u want to kno more!
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