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On: Sep 15, 2011
On: Sep 14, 2011

My name is Tawanda! I'm 23! I'm 4rm Greenville, MS & I'm a OFFICIAL PROUD DEDICATED TREY'S ANGEL!!!!! Follow me @WandaBeauti1987 & @TreySongz_Fanz!

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On: Sep 27, 2010

My name is Tawanda. I'm a Trey's Angel & I have 2 twitter pages! @WandaBeauti1987 & @TreySongz_Fanz

On: Sep 26, 2010

Well 1st off I'm a southern gal! (I'm 4rm MS) And if I had the opportunity 2 spend 1 night w/ Trey, to begin our night, I would have a nice HOT bath ran 4 him so he can relax his muscle & wash all that stress away 4rm all that work he's being doing. Next have a nice meal prepared 4 him when he's done w/ his bath. Collard greens, homemade mac n cheese, rice, baked smothered pork chops, homemade cornbread (NO JIFFY MIX) & sun brewed tea w/ lemons.Then once we're done eating, massage his neck, shoulders, and back relieving tension. And end the night with a nice, romantic movie. Maybe Love & Basketball or The Notebook, or my fav LOVE JONES!! See I know how to treat my man!

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On: Sep 26, 2010
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My name is Wanda (Twitter name: @Culinary_Diva87 & my Angel NN is #ScrumptiousAngel!) I'm from MS. I'm currently working on my third degree, Culinary Arts, BS. I love to cook & plan to open my own restaurant. Maybe Trey Songz will eat there one day.
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