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Seiko neverson


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On: Dec 24, 2010
On: Dec 20, 2010
On: Nov 16, 2010
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Seiko neverson
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I am a beautiful intelligent young lady , That connects well with music and enjoy going out and meeting new people.. Seiko is my name (SAY-ko) My fav hobbies are singing + drawing . Favorite color is- Red. Eye color- Hazel. Skin color-light skin tone. Thick- waste. Tattos-yes not to many tho. Percings-Lip,ears, Long hair yess curly hair yess Words Tht describe me is- Loyal, adaptable,Caring, Honest and straightforward Intellectual and philosophical Great With Sagittarius even tho im a cancer dont really fit me more of a leo ! jupiter love is one of the songz i put on replay when listening to all try songz albums,<3 One last thing= ppp! TREYS,ANGEL #1
United States
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