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Naw he isnt gay, but you may be y u on his page really this is for the ladies..Are u gay??

Replied To: rumors say that he is gay (Forum topic)
On: Aug 22, 2010

See me I am 100% WOMAN!!! So with that said I wouldn't expect him to pay for dinner jus because I'm the woman doesnt mean I don't have money to treat my man..Cause after dinner I may want him to pay for the jacuzzi suite or smething, so to fill his belly is nothin to me..Muah xoxox I'm ya #1 fan babe=)

Replied To: Date?? (Forum topic)
On: Aug 22, 2010

So whats the meaning behind the "Black Rose"? To me black roses would symbalize death? Because red is love???Let know @MrsSamuels1 twitter me babe..

Replied To: We Want to Hear from You! (Forum topic)
On: Aug 22, 2010

He has grown with his music.And he has went from a boy to a man!! I liked his braids when he first came out, but to have a nice clean cut is SOOOO sexy and soo grown man status it turns me all the way up..

On: Aug 22, 2010

Have to take a second look to make sure thats really him..

Replied To: Trey Songz Knocked on YOUR door..... (Forum topic)
On: Aug 22, 2010
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Im a 28yr old married woman. I live in Pgh,Pa. I work in the medical field.I love to shop,relax, spend time with my family, and grind=) I absolutely LOVE Tre he is an amazing guy I give him my blessings and much more..Muah.. I am your #1 fan..Not GROUPIE, Fan..
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