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On: Feb 14, 2011
On: Feb 14, 2011
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I am 18 years old and attend Rochester's Institute of Technology. I love Trey Songz! I'm amazed at the effect he has on women. His smile and just him looking at you seems to put women into a frenzy. He is grown and sexy! I would love to get the chance to meet him. That is why I have chosen to be a Trey's Angel and bought a membership. I have never been to a concert before. I haven't until this point, liked an artist to the point where I would spend my hard earned money to go see them. Trey Songz is the one artist that I will do that for. I love you Trey!! Keep doing what you are doing. Get plenty of rest because you do a lot for your fans! I love the fact that you are family oriented and love your mom the way you do. I am very close to my mom and admire her for being the strong women that she is today. I hope to be like her and strive even to be better than her as she always tells me. <3
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