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On: Oct 17, 2011
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On: Sep 10, 2011
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On: Sep 02, 2011
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On: Sep 02, 2011
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GOD is MY EVERYTHING without him nothing would b possiable.I'm a Singer,songwriter and dancer..A mother,Very loving and understanding..have a very big heart i'm a giver..Super GOOFY..I love making ppl laugh.I also have a passion for doin hair and make up. Im ready for the world I hope the world is ready me.....The ULTIMATE ENTERTAINER/PERFORMER....I am such a huge mania for Trey.. This was very important for me to become an #ANGEL# I just want to show trey n the world that i go hard for Trey. he has so much more to offer and with the hlp of me, my fellow angels and trey personal team he will go higher n further than any1 could ever imagine...Im blessed to b apart of this prestige group of women it's such an honor 2 b embrassed by you all Love you ANGELS n to u TREY I HEART U WITH ALL MY SOUL!!!My AngelNN #SPOTLIGHTEANGEL
United States
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