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My name is ShaBree, Im from New Jersey. Im nothing like the Jersey people you see on tv, Im laid back, caring, and motivated : ). I am very active in volunteer work, giving back, because if someone didnt give their time I wouldn't be who I am today. So every chance I get I give back whatever it is I have to offer. I love Trey Songz and if I had the extra time I would be following him and in and out but most of time he is on UStream and stuff Im at work so I play alot of catch up. Im 20 years old, I live alone, I attend collge to be a licensed Psychologist, with and master degree in Seminar. My long term goal is to run my own recreation center for not just youth in need but anyone who wants to be in a positive atmosphere. I would also like to be a part time Youth Minister. I have a way to go, but thats the best part Im in no rush to get there because I am getting the best experience I can ask for. Meeting wonderful people, and learning what it means to truly care for someone.
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