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Oh I soooo agree on this!!! Yes Yes YES!!!!!!!!!

Replied To: ANGELS ONLY TOUR/EVENT PETITION!!! (Forum topic)
On: Aug 11, 2011

I feel ya its like watching water when it is trying to boil, it is not boiling fast enough, you keep going back to the pot and still no water boiling. this is how I feel about these meet and greet tix!!!! ahhhhh but the no info. on how much it will cost sucks I hope it is not alot

On: Oct 25, 2010

Hey!! Angels my name is shaheedra, I am 25 yrs. old, married and I have 2 beautiful children. I was born and raised in Tampa FL. as of right now my family and l live in Warner Robins GA. my hubby is in the Airforce and we will be moving again really soon. I love to write, sing, and just be with my kids and husband when I can. right now I am currently a single mother my husband has been deployed now for 6 months. Hoping he comes home soon if God is willing. I truly adore Trey Songz great artist for sure. I will be going back to school to finish up my BA in Psychology, I just love life and I am thankful for being apart of this. Oh I dont have a twitter account, honestly I am not sure about the whole twitter thing yet. LOL I know I need to get up to date with that. LOL

Replied To: About Our ANGELs???? (Forum topic)
On: Oct 23, 2010

Born and raised in Tampa Fl, now living in GA for the moment and I must say I was a lil upset that the was not performing in FL, I am always in Florida and I was like dang FL is only a few hours away from GA. but I am sure he will be down there. Thinking about seeing him in ATL but not really sure

Replied To: Where are the FL Angels at?? (Forum topic)
On: Oct 18, 2010

Sooo happy things are turning around!!!

Replied To: might sell my Atlanta OMG tickets :'( (Forum topic)
On: Oct 18, 2010
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Hey!!! well I am 26yr. old, I am a wife and a mother of 2 beautiful babies, I love to write, sing and dance, currently moving across the state due to my husband. He is in the Airforce!!! I love my Airman. I am currently going to school. I am just enjoying my life and Thanking GOD for everything he has blessed me with. GOD Bless!!!
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