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Hmmm I'd go up there I mean you'd be crazy not to but I'd probably just be frozen there and stand bahaha

On: Sep 07, 2010

I would just try to be myself, enjoy that time, and not be stressed about it.

On: Apr 13, 2010

One love, missing you, & neighbors know my name (:
They is pretty dopee :D

On: Mar 03, 2010

That's whats up for real !
I wish I had met him.
Guess I've just been at all the WRONG places ha. (:

Replied To: My meeting Trey Experience!!!<3 (Forum topic)
On: Mar 03, 2010

I would take him to play laser tagg, go bowling, and show him how we get down in the burghh (:

On: Mar 03, 2010
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