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there should be more shadow trey for a day contest and a contest for a angel to star in one of his videos should be coming up soon with his next album oh and by the way when i say angel i mean me lmao

On: Jun 28, 2011

i would love to be in any one of his videos it doesn't matter which one it is as long as im with Trey

On: Jun 12, 2011


On: Apr 22, 2011


On: Apr 22, 2011

i took the angel survey i loved that you guys did that that let's me know that ya'll are really paying attention to us i really appreciate that i hope the Trey's Angel crew we give us more opportunities to meet him like dinners, shadow trey for a day , studio sessions, radio interviews and starring in some of his videos

On: Mar 22, 2011
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i am a very mature person i do not take part in any petty bull shit i am a classy,reserved,independent adult. i so love trey's music i am a very big fan of his i wish only the best for him on his journey of success and all i really want to do is meet him please make that happen for me trey songz web crew
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