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bottoms up would have a totally new meaning to me lol

Replied To: What would you do if..... (Forum topic)
On: Oct 21, 2011

i agree with the comments about ustreams being for all trey fans and mute buttons but at the same time i think fan club members should have exclusive shows every once in a while like the google hangout thing it was exclusive and only the ppl who were in there knew what went on...cuz im gonna be a trey supporter and angel forever but i can see why alot of ppl didnt renew cuz u dont need to be an angel to reap benefits( example anyone can do AWH, anyone can meet him, anyone can watch all his ustreams, i just think there needs to be a little more exclusivity at times like maybe broadcast ustreams to angels first then let the other fans watch the recored videos later ;)

Replied To: Ustream (Forum topic)
On: Oct 11, 2011

did yall see what he got done in 17 seconds on that evolution teaser okaayyy!!!!

but all jokes aside just sit on his lap and makeout for 3 mins ;) then exchange numbers in the other 30 seconds so we can finish what we started later on!!!!

Replied To: SCENARIO GAME (Forum topic)
On: Oct 11, 2011

the angel only chat is a good idea, and maybe when he post the ustreams on this site he should only post it in the angel section instead of the main page and read the comments posted here because all the complaining that some ppl do is uncalled for when these technical difficulties happen all the time when it comes to Trey and ustreams( if they attended more they would know this ) lol but thats wouldn't solve much because MOST of the bs come from his ANGELS( but these are the ones who feel because they hold that title of "ANGEL" they are entitled to talk to Trey any kind of way..but it will be funny when he start putting some of them on BLAST like ive seen him do to others on twitter then they go look stupid with hurt

Replied To: Ustream (Forum topic)
On: Oct 11, 2011

TA answered this question a while back saying that it was just a keepsake/souvenir but i do think its weird that it has all that stuff on the back saying show at events lol

Replied To: Trey's Angels Cards!! (Forum topic)
On: Sep 24, 2011
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