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On: Jun 18, 2011

@JIMS lmao i know right, i had to unfollow her too much nonsense lol

On: May 28, 2011

@gloriahzlv4trey... agreed!

On: May 27, 2011

@V@lleyGurl i agree with what u said, but ive actually seen someone on twitter say they refuse to date men cuz they waiting on Trey... 0_o ( and she tweets craziness like this whenever she tweets and thats crazy cuz his life is not stopping for u so why stop yours for him??? i just dont get ppl with that kind of mentality but she NUTS lol

On: May 27, 2011

i know someone said this before but can u guys PLEASE create a section or something for these fan fiction stories cuz its taking over the discussion boards and its annoying..Thanks!

On: May 15, 2011
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im Shanell lm a DIE HARD TREY SONGZ FAN Ive had the pleasure of meeting Trey MANY times, I dont like to brag on our encounters so i'll just say he's.... "Simply Amazing"!!!and because he's so humble and sweet makes me happy to be one of his Angels :) I just ADORE Trey. my twitter accounts are @onenonlytexasqt <----(this is my main account) and my back up account is @Shanell28 feel free to follow me on both cuz ya boy...TREY DOES ;) but thats cuz im a really cool chick :)
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