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if we were just friends and been friends for a while that means i know all his personality flaws and the fantasy would be gone so id probably be like boy go put some damn clothes on lmao( cuz hes my homeboy i aint checkin for him like that lol)...nah but forreal id do what anyother woman would do if they seen all tha sexiness no need to go into

On: May 08, 2011

and when i asked do " u" fit the description im not pinpointing no particular person just speaking in general :)

On: May 08, 2011

i dont like when ppl start bashing ppl just because they seen out with trey, this lady didnt do anything to anyone..yeah shes on twitter calling ppl haters and lol at yall.. but ask urself why? because ppl coming at her sideways talking crap about stuff they know nothing about. i read on my TL someone said "oh now Jess on some HElEN type shit"...helen is sweet as pie but u all mess with her to the point to where she is going to defend herself and say something like seriously JESS and HELEN are not just on twitter calling ppl out its a reaction to ppl actions. How would u feel if u had a pic with trey and someone looked at it and then started tweeting u "oh bitch u ugly and what was trey thinging he can do way better blah blah blah" u may ignore the first coouple of tweets but some of yall go on and on and on until u get that reaction and once u get it all hell breaks loose and u seem to forget that ur the one who started all this non sense so having said all that my opion on this is LET TREY live his life cuz a lot of yall getting all crazy and going off on people but all jokes aside judging by trey's past relationships and the women who he date alot of yall are not even his type( and im not trying to be funny or offensive to anyone but look at his track record.. do u have similar physical attributes to what he's know for dating?) im just saying not trying to be rude but im sure some will take it that way..

On: May 08, 2011

if he's happy im happy...

Replied To: Trey and Club Promoter Spotted! (Forum topic)
On: May 08, 2011

@JasmineLondon girl im sure he disable all notifications on his phones cuz it would be buzzing all day and night i used to get irritated when i had treys angels tweets coming to my phone cuz when she would start RT -ing everybody back to back it gets out of hand so i had to stop that but i can just imagine his phone lmao.

On: May 08, 2011
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im Shanell lm a DIE HARD TREY SONGZ FAN Ive had the pleasure of meeting Trey MANY times, I dont like to brag on our encounters so i'll just say he's.... "Simply Amazing"!!!and because he's so humble and sweet makes me happy to be one of his Angels :) I just ADORE Trey. my twitter accounts are @onenonlytexasqt <----(this is my main account) and my back up account is @Shanell28 feel free to follow me on both cuz ya boy...TREY DOES ;) but thats cuz im a really cool chick :)
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