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Replied To: NEW MERCH: SLEEP SET (Blog)
On: Apr 29, 2011

i feel the same way about this, thats why when i do my good deeds i dont post videos or brag about it on twitter or this site( not saying that the ppl who do are wrong) just speaking for myself because what i do comes from the heart and ive been doing this long before trey's Angels, and i heard someone say some of the videos of ppl being recorded are exploiting ppl need (filming of homeless ppl ect) and i can see how one would feel this way cuz if it was me i wouldnt want my hardships recorded and posted all over the net. However whatever it takes for some ppl to get out and make a difference whether its being "bribed" with the assumption of "maybe' MEETING TREY SONGZ( cuz i read TL and not all of these ladies have good intentions for doing these missions)...But if you're an Angel who does this TRULY from the bottom of your heart and not for the gimicks then KUDOS 2 u cuz ur really making a difference in someones life and GOD will inturn reward u wayyy more than what TREY SONGZ can ever do! like @babygirlG said "GOD sees all thing, good and bad" so make sure your reason are right :)

On: Apr 28, 2011

i dont cry and ive actually met him and didnt cry or jump up and down but i was a little nervous which led to me be a little less talkative than usual but who needs to talk when ur in his arms getting hugged :), but the 2nd time was better and i got to say more!!!... but to answer ur question on how to meet him...If ur not already an Angel u should become 1 cuz that will up ur chances by atleast 80% cuz u can meet him either before or after the show( by having vip tix, which are limited in quanity and angels get first dibs to those) or if u know he's gonna be somewhere try to get there..its a being at the right place at the right time kinda thing..But good luck and i hope u meet him cuz its ONE OF THE BEST FEELINGS IN THE WORLD getting hugs and kisses from trey:)!

Replied To: Excitement over Tremaine ()
On: Apr 26, 2011

i agree with u @gloriahzlv4trey...thats a BAD idea lol

On: Apr 25, 2011


Replied To: Follow Back Angels ()
On: Apr 15, 2011
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im Shanell lm a DIE HARD TREY SONGZ FAN Ive had the pleasure of meeting Trey MANY times, I dont like to brag on our encounters so i'll just say he's.... "Simply Amazing"!!!and because he's so humble and sweet makes me happy to be one of his Angels :) I just ADORE Trey. my twitter accounts are @onenonlytexasqt <----(this is my main account) and my back up account is @Shanell28 feel free to follow me on both cuz ya boy...TREY DOES ;) but thats cuz im a really cool chick :)
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