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it dont bother me what other ppl do, some just feel the need to do that and if that makes them feel closer to trey and makes them happy then so be it :) and whos to say that he dont do more than follow? cuz alot goes on through Dm & u can actually get a back n forth dialouge with him that way( not saying that makes him"know" u) but you've had that dialouge which could bring u all closer to knowing more about eachother,and especially when u meet him mutliple times he'll eventually match the name to a familiar face....and who knows what goes on over the telephone(most wouldnt tweet i just go off the phone with trey lol) and he did have a life before he was treysongz so some just may "know him"...... but i can understand how u could feel annoyed by that kind of stuff and thats what these post are for to vent or express how were feeling :)

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On: Apr 25, 2011

the 10% is already taken off Angel merchandise if u notice they scratch out the original price and the 10% is what we pay, but they need to give us 10% off ALL Trey Merchandise not just angel stuff :)

On: Apr 25, 2011

sorry to hear about your loss first and foremost...but ur story dont make sense u cant afford a $30.00 membership but u CAN afford to buy a table next to his in a club which im assuming is VIP which is typically around 1500 just saying

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On: Apr 25, 2011


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On: Apr 15, 2011
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On: Apr 15, 2011
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im Shanell lm a DIE HARD TREY SONGZ FAN Ive had the pleasure of meeting Trey MANY times, I dont like to brag on our encounters so i'll just say he's.... "Simply Amazing"!!!and because he's so humble and sweet makes me happy to be one of his Angels :) I just ADORE Trey. my twitter accounts are @onenonlytexasqt <----(this is my main account) and my back up account is @Shanell28 feel free to follow me on both cuz ya boy...TREY DOES ;) but thats cuz im a really cool chick :)
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