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i feel ppl shouldnt take everything so seriously...relax its just a discussion board of course ppl are gonna say things that u disagree with but take it for what it is... just an opinion... we're all here to give our thoughts it shouldnt be turned into an argument HAVE FUN WITH IT and agree to disagree :)

Replied To: trey and rhianna would be a good... (Forum topic)
On: Apr 06, 2011

nope not at all

On: Apr 06, 2011
Replied To: Essence Music Festival 2011 (Forum topic)
On: Apr 06, 2011

I dont think he would, i just see something different in trey than in chris brown when it come to respect...Trey can actually do an interview and get asked questions that he may not like and wont go and trash the dressing room break windows ect( well not yet lol) i think trey has it in him to be verbally harsh but as far as hitting nah i dont THINK so but idk...Chris Brown just has so much built up anger in him that i dont see in trey...

On: Apr 05, 2011

i doubt he'd even have sex with her from what i heard she got the big "H" may be just a rumor but..... Trey need to take his own words from "runaway"and "STAY AWAY AS FAR AS U CAN" lol his lips are too gorgeous to have nasty herpe bumps on them lol...cuz ive noticed Drake be having them bumps around his mouth lately lol

Replied To: trey and rhianna would be a good... (Forum topic)
On: Apr 05, 2011
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