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Replied To: 'The Energy Was So Crazy' (Blog)
On: Aug 07, 2009

aww ariel thanks so much :) i always speak the truth u know how i do :) and sarah thanks so much!! we all are just remember that :)

Replied To: So Blessed (Forum topic)
On: Aug 05, 2009
On: Jul 31, 2009

he was in columbia last nite and charleston tonite and the only reason i know for sure is cuz of ustream that he was just on tonite :) but yeah i go to school in SC but live in VA so i travel a lot and everywhere i guess it all depends where im at :) gotta love it tho lol

Replied To: So Blessed (Forum topic)
On: Jul 30, 2009

lol i have talked to him a few times...and everytime i see him he shows love back and thats the feeling and love you get..i guess thats why i go to his shows because i always want that hug or that picture and even talking on the radio its the conversations and memories i cherish the most :)

Replied To: So Blessed (Forum topic)
On: Jul 30, 2009
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I am shaninda && im 22 at the moment..i love me some trey and i love traveling. I repp the DMV hard...and SC/ATL :) follow me on && facebook me :) MWAH!
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