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July 29

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  • Me (Shaninda) and Reese called in to talk to trey and its crazy how we got thru back to back and he's finally followin the both of us :) we both had our own conversations.

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I am shaninda && im 22 at the moment..i love me some trey and i love traveling. I repp the DMV hard...and SC/ATL :) follow me on && facebook me :) MWAH!
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TrEy's N3W Y3ARS GIRL's picture

I'm reppin tha DMV also...nice to know of someone around tha way who is a Trey fan just like me...

Jamie Trey Neverson's picture

Hey were did u meet him at? I hope i get as close as u did this saturday. I got alot of pic of him and his autograph. He cool as hell, but it was to many i couldnt get my boo lol.

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

heyyyy chicka! how you doin?

Alyssa_17's picture

OMFG? how did you pull dis one off? can you help me pull it off ?its like my dream to tak a pic with him and meet him..your really lucky

nickybabe's picture

omg your so lucky to be by him ahhh lol