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You cannot make someone love you if they don't,if we could meet and we get to know each other and if he don't feel that attracted to me or that passion that should be there is not I would just let it be....that's just life not everyone will love or like everyone....there is no need to go far for someone who will never love you the way you love them...

On: Jul 03, 2011

we all are human and we will never know everything about a person no matter how close we are to them or how well we may think we know them...I understand what your saying it's not about the FAME!!!! it's the type of person you are and the way you address and show people around you care and love etc, but for trey maybe it is what he likes and choose for his future to be famous, I know you have an aim for yours so maybe that's his.., I will always support trey songz BIG UP tremaine!!!

On: Jul 03, 2011

if i had trey songz i wouldn't do anything different from a normal couple..i would love him as my man and treat him like a lady should be treating her man, and be would there for him and his family...i wouldn't even pretended 2 b someone i am not i would just be me.....

On: Jun 23, 2011

It his life and his choice, whatever makes him happy....we all just ave 2 let him be, i will still love and support him all the way, we all aren't perfect......that's just the way it is.....even thou it's wrong men were made 2 b with beautiful ladies like me and u guys because we are all beautiful in our own way not men 2 men......

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On: Jun 20, 2011

trey songz has a huge personality and it has a great influence and impact on famous and ordinary persons out there just like myself,when he sings you can hear it in his voice the passion he has for his music it shows the type of person he is,its not all about being famous and having persons liking him for his songs,it just who he is and being his self is all that matters......thumbs up trey songz for your great achievements.....may God continue to shine his blessings on you and your family.....this is why i like trey songz

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On: Jun 11, 2011
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I am a brilliant young lady who believe each person should be treated fairly.....i am a kind,loving and honest person.....i always strive for the best in all that i do....
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