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Hey im @ShaunaBabie on twitter... Im from Columbus, Ohio!

On: Nov 21, 2011

This is very helpful!!! I have been searching for more scholarships so thank you so much for this!!!

On: Jun 12, 2011

Continued from my last post: Angel Name: #SecretiveAngel!
"Trey and his team have inspired me by allowing me to see that anything is possibly with hard work, dedication and a dream!!"

On: Apr 11, 2011

I love being a Treys Angel because of the simple fact that I support Trey Songz like everyone else. When I signed up to be a member I did not expect it to be what it is now. Most fan clubs are just there to just keep you inform about the artist and maybe a couple contests here and there. However with Treys Angels its more like a family type feel. I have connected with so many who I thought i would never come across just from this fan club. Also with Trey always being so busy he actually makes time to interact with his angels, which is what I love about him. There aren't many artists who take so much time to interact and get to know their fans like trey does. So that being said I am honored and thrilled to be apart of this fan club and look forward to continue meeting more and more of Treys Angels!!

Name: Shauna
Twitter: ShaunaBabie

On: Apr 10, 2011


On: Mar 15, 2011
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Fulfilling my dreams and goals in life!! Super supportive of Trey Songz and nothing will change about that!!! :)
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