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Dear Trey, I LOVE YOU! You are one of my greatest inspirations. Words can't even express how much I LOVE YOUR MUSIC! I love the fact that your dedicated to your family, your fans, your music and everything and anything that your doing. One of my dreams has alwayssss been to spend a day with you and get to know you, hopefully that dream will come true one day. There's not one day that goes by and i don't talk about you, your the topic of everyone of my essay's/projects, the topic of every one of my conversations, my room is filled with your posters. What can i say i just LOVEE YOUUU! If i got to interview you i would show you that im one of your BIGGEST fans, i may cry at first because i'll actually be talking to you but it will not be a waste of time. i can go on and on 2000 words just isn't enough for me to tell you how much I LOOVEE YOUU AND YOUR MUSICCC and even if i don't get picked i'm still going to LOVE YOU SAME WAY because your a great person and you inspire so many people, young & old including me. I'm not even going to front like i've been supporting you since day one, i've been there since day two though :) i just want to let you know that as a 17 year old teenager i can say you have inspired me. Your music helps me go to sleep at night, helps me through some of the roughest patches in life. No one will ever understand the impact your music has had on my life. Your one of the reasons why i still strive and push myself to do what i know i can do. My family and friends say "Trey Songz doesn't care about you, he's famous" but they don't know how passionate you are to your fans and how much love you show us. Its unbelievable how much love you show us. "my heartbeats for the people who carry the love for me" has to be one of my favorite lines from you because it just shows how much love you have for your family, fans, friends and the work that you do. TREMAINE ALDON NEVERSON I LOVE YOU!!! Sincerely Shelly-Ann #Toronto! #ILoveYouTreySongz p.s come back to TDOT!

On: Aug 20, 2012
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I am supperrrrr ! In love with Tremaine Aldon Neverson! And I will do almost anything to meet him again !
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yes send me aa tweet my birthday is July 18th