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Hey my names Sheridan. Im writing all the way from New Zealand (thats down by Australia lol).
I am such a huge fan of Trey Songz' music, particularly his mixtapes. I love the mixtapes cos the music is more real and free, like Trey's written and sung without the constraints of what's commercial and what will sell. Absolutely love Trey's music. He is so talented. My friends and I even bought tickets to the Usher concert to see him perform as the opening act, but he didnt end up coming, I think because the concert was delayed and he had his own tour in Europe. Its near impossible for us to meet our favourite artists down here, but I am still a huge fan. Hopefully one day Ill get to see Trey perform live, in the meantime Ill stay tuned to, and trey on facebook and twitter.

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On: Jun 30, 2011
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Absolutely love to dance. So hope Trey Songz comes to Auckland, New Zealand this year.
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