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On: Oct 22, 2009
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Im A Groupie...For Tha MUSIQ Ima A Fan...Of Tha MUISQ I Love Good...MUSIQ Hey My name is Tamyra..but you can call me Tamy J...I love Music..ALOT..waking up togood music is like waking up to a fine man (who loves u) arms wrapped tightly around u. for me every song holds some kinds of makes me smile laugh..shoot even cry...Im 23 in college tryna finish..its taking forever lol..thats enuff bout me tho anything u wanna kno ask or hit me on my twitter tha way I m pretty much on this site because i admire Trey Songz and Hold so much Respect for him... I can see past the Fact that he is ....mmm oso Fine..Long Enuff to Realize How Much of a Talented Artist he Truly is..I Love What he has brought out these past few years and i cant wait to see what the future holds!