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Can't wait to see this video!!!! It's so intense!

Replied To: WATCH: "Dive In" Video Teaser (Blog)
On: Aug 21, 2012

OMG!!!! SPEECHLESS!!!! I was teary eyed through the whole video! This video shows that ideal couple! The happy relationship that everybody craves for! Trey you never fail to amaze me! I love this video! I'm so very proud of you! Keep doing what your doing! Stay blessed and well grounded! Love

On: Jul 23, 2012
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shiondrell davis
About Me: 
I'm a cool laid back person who just wants to have fun! I live in the moment and for the future. I don't count the days I make the days count. I'm absolutely in love with Trey! He's just so amazing and the things he does for his fans are priceless! I will be an angel on May 5,2013 so Angel sisters expect a new edition to the family:) stay tuned that's all fokes.
Melrose park
Singing, writting, reading, and listening to music
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Trey Songz,Nicki Minaj, Beyonce,Drake,Lil Twist, alicia Keys, Aaliyah, earth,wind,and fire. Various artist!!!
United States
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