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i'D BUy Em ! LOOOOOVE The iDEA !! :D

Replied To: ANGEL JEANS ()
On: Jul 23, 2011

I Am Thankful and Appreciative To Trey Songz For Not Only His Music and His Creative Genius , But For Creating Trey's Angels. The Bond and The Sisterhood That We All Share Because Of Him Is IRREPLACEABLE ! AND Cannot Be Matched ! Trey's Angels Is MORE Than Just A Fan Club, We Are Sisters. I Appreciate Trey's Team For The Hard Work, Dedication, and Sacrifices That They Make To Help Him Keep and Attain His SUCCESS . Trey Goes Above and Beyond To Show Us How Much He Appreciates Us and Cares For Us . No Other Artists Is As In Touch With Their Fans and Shows As Much LOVE And Concern For Their Fans Like Trey Does. TREY IT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED ! That's Why Trey's Angels and Team Songz Go Sooooo Hard For This HARD WORKING MAN ! I Love My Angels Sisters and All My Trey Fam and Team Songz ! & I LOVE Being an ANGEL ! :) Thank You Trey,Trey's Team, and Trey's Angels !!!

Angel NN: FUNSiZE Angel
Twitter Name:yRTjRiSMyHeart

On: Apr 11, 2011
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