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July 28

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I exist as I am--that is enough; If no other in the world be aware, I sit content; And if each and all be aware, I sit content I resist anything better than my own diverity; I breathe the air, but leave plenty after me And am not stuck, and am in my place This is written by the great Walt whitman. My name is Shylah I'm 20 and live in the 215 Philadelphia. I'm from New York though. I've been a trey songz fan since he first came out. My favorite songs are can't help but wait, Hatin love, and I need a girl. I need a girl reminds me of one more chance by Michael Jackson. Just glad to be apart of his fan base. Gotta give him props he's an amazing singer.
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I really dont think a duel is worth having. I am a fan of both chris and trey. But I love trey more. Fact of the matter is they are two different kinds of R&B singers. Trey is more sexual in his songz and more mature than chris brown is. If they made the same kind of music than that would be a different story. Make sense??

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you wont mind me asking you to tell me wht you know think about trey in a duel with chris brown. pls reply me