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Welcome Chi Town!! It's all for the Luv of Trey!!

On: Nov 30, 2009
Replied To: Happy Birthday Trey Songz! (Blog)
On: Nov 28, 2009
On: Nov 15, 2009

Ladies it is posted!! Trey is in San Francisco Today, and will be in San Bernardino, Cali on Nov 21st and in San Diego Nov 22nd!! YAAAAAY!!!! I LOVE when Trey comes to our Town!! Soooo Who is coming out to see him?? - ME and my crew of course, but I hope to see all you guys there too!! Stand Up Cali - Let's REP for our Boi!! We Luv U Trey!! ****Check out "The Empire" info for the Nov 21st concert!!****

On: Nov 15, 2009
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I Love Music!! Real God Given Musical Talent!! And, Trey has captured all my attention with his Smooth Voice and Warm Smile and....I'll keep it PG13 ;0) I Love Real Lyrics, Melodies, Beats and Harmonizing with True Vocals... I'm a "Cali Girl" and I'm calling all CA's to join in with the group "Cali Fans 4 Trey Songz_LA" to get him here to meet & greet with us!! We bout to "Go Ham" for our Boi!! Join Us!! TTU TSMB all day!! Yuuup!! {{ Join us }} We're keeping the movement going!! BONG!!