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YUUUP! Trey is coming to town!!! YEAH!! I've been talking to everybody on twitter, myspace, fb and didn't post on here, but I see you guys are holding it down!! Nov 21st Trey is in San Bernardino, CA and my information says that Trey will be in San Diego on Nov 22nd ~ But I will check once again to make sure of the date I know it was rescheluded ~ I'll post tomorrow ~ Be Blessed!!

On: Nov 10, 2009
On: Oct 08, 2009

Anybody else going to the LA Sept 29th Show?? or Anaheim 30th - we're trying to work on something, but with such short time we might have to wait for a later date, but I'm not giving up lol - I'll keep you'll posted!! Belee Dat!!!

On: Sep 07, 2009

New... Page!!! "Cali Fans 4 Trey Songz_LA" friend us or send me your info and I'll send an invite!! We're still working to have something "special" with Trey when he comes to Cali - I'll holla!! Belee Dat!! Yuuup!!!

On: Aug 21, 2009
Replied To: 'The Energy Was So Crazy' (Blog)
On: Aug 06, 2009
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I Love Music!! Real God Given Musical Talent!! And, Trey has captured all my attention with his Smooth Voice and Warm Smile and....I'll keep it PG13 ;0) I Love Real Lyrics, Melodies, Beats and Harmonizing with True Vocals... I'm a "Cali Girl" and I'm calling all CA's to join in with the group "Cali Fans 4 Trey Songz_LA" to get him here to meet & greet with us!! We bout to "Go Ham" for our Boi!! Join Us!! TTU TSMB all day!! Yuuup!! {{ Join us }} We're keeping the movement going!! BONG!!