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If I met Trey Im not really sure what I would do or say. I mean I do have questions for the man but I might forget them when he is in my face. I know when he was in Dallas Tx and he was shouting out to the audience and looking at their outfits and crap like that, there was a woman next to ma nad my friend that he was looking at and I thought he was talking to my friend. I was like " Are you talking about her shirt?" I kept pointing at my friend and saying to him " Her?, Her?" And he said " No, not her.... HER" and the woman next to us had on a damn see thru shirt with pink things on her nipples!!!! At that moment I was like wow he kinda said something to me and it felt good and dumb at the same time. I laughed about it for days. I think if we were to meet him it would be a laid back visit. He seem to be very nice and down to earth. So I hope to meet him for real one day too =)

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On: Mar 23, 2011

Yes I would stay "secret", No he CAN NOT tell me what to do and not do because I dont care who it is you just cant tell me what to do period. Now he will have to act the part, which means no having sex with other girls because he is "Single". The red carpet??/ Uh if Im not on the bitch with him then no one but Ms.A. Tucker can be on the Red Carpet and thats the end of that. =)
But it would be extremely hard to keep up the lie or act...... I would get fed up with it eventually.

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On: Mar 23, 2011


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On: Dec 09, 2010

@liane2026 =)

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On: Dec 09, 2010

I would really appreciate the chance to meet Trey and do a "Spend a day" with Trey thing. I feel like there arent many opportunities to see him and enjoy my membership here in Texas, its like no one wants to think of us.

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On: Oct 12, 2010
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I absolutly love Trey Songz and have been a fan since "Gotta Make It". I am a gemini and very fun person to hang with, Im goofy at times too. Im 23 years old and I just want to support my man TREY SONGZ!!!!
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