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Replied To: TREY'S ANGELS IS HERE! (Blog)
On: Sep 15, 2010
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My name is Alexis Hayward, I'm from Jacksonville, Florida and I'm currently in school working towards my BA and then MBA in business. I have over 5 years of working with individuals with developmental disabilities both young and old. I really enjoy helping people for me it gives me a sense of gratification because I believe that if God wants to use you as an instrument in someone's life to make it better than let him. I love shopping, spending time with my family, reading, writing and being active. I like Trey Songz because he's refreshing it's been a long time since someone in R & B has been able to really get your attention and it doesn't hurt that he's very cute. I like his music and I feel like to be in the position that he's in and still remain humble it makes you love him even more because it speaks volumes about his character. This is crazy but his album release and my birthday fell on the same day.
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